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September 18, 2012

Left - 1994 - Kevin De Leon and Juan Jose Gutierrez at Los Angeles anti-187 rally.
Right: 2014 - Ca State Sen. Kevin De Leon tries to erase 187 from California's books.
Another Illegal Act Against Prop 187
Time for Americans to fight back
Glenn Spencer. American Patrol Report -- September 18, 2014   
    In 1994 Kevin De Leon stood on a Los Angeles stage in front of thousands of people protesting Proposition 187 - hoping it wouldn't pass. it did.
I have a video of part of that demonstration. It shows De Leon chatting with Juan Jose Gutierrez as a Mexican mariachi band played the US National anthem. The band then played the Mexican national anthem - at which point De Leon and Gutierrez stood at attention, placing their hands over their heart, and later shoving their fists into the air. DeLeon showed his loyalty was to Mexico - not the USA.
    This week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill authored by De Leon intended to strike language from California State Law put there by Proposition 187.
    The California State Constitution states SEC. 1. "The legislative power of this State is vested in the California Legislature which consists of the Senate and Assembly, but the people reserve to themselves the powers of initiative and referendum."
    According to one lawyer I spoke with, the De Leon bill is clearly unconstitutional.
    Through illegal acts, De Leon, Mexicans and their liberal allies are trying to erase Proposition 187 and conquer California.
    Forbes Magazine, August 19, 2014 - California's Economic Collision Course: Immigration and Water.
    "Despite a much-heralded recovery in the media and by Governor Jerry Brown, California still has one of the nation's highest unemployment rates. Also, more than 30% of the nation's welfare recipients are Californians --- even though California has just 12% of the nation's population. It is not surprising, therefore, that California is ranked number one in poverty."
    In 1992 I reported that Los Angeles was importing poverty because of illegal immigration.
    Despite overwhelming evidence that they were hurting Americans, liberals defeated all attempts to enforce our immigration laws.
    Now California is the poorest state in the nation and is on life-support from the Obama Administration.
    As Forbes observed (ibid): "In 2009, California sent out IOUs to creditors when hard pressed for cash and borrowed billions from the federal government. A decade from now it could be much worse. Rather than leading the national economy, California could well be holding down America's economic growth."
    It is time for Americans to stand up and fight for their country.