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September 16, 2012

Brown Erases Proposition 187... and Calfornia
Will the rest of America follow?

Calfornia Gov. Jerry Brown
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- September 16, 2014   
    Yesterday the Los Angeles Times headline read: "Gov. Brown repeals unenforced sections of Prop. 187". But in the body of the story, the word "unenforced" was replaced with "unenforceable." What is going on here? Why would Gov. Brown have to repeal Proposition 187 when it was found unconstitutional by a liberal federal judge? Because California law says that a statute passed by the people cannot be challenged unless it was tested by an appeals court - and it wasn't. In fact, the entire process of killing 187 was illegal.
    Until Brown repealed it, 187 was the law of California and it was enforceable - it just wasn't "enforced" as the Times headline says.
    In 1994 we were losing California to Mexico because our laws weren't being enforced. So the people of California passed Proposition 187 to require enforcement. That prompted Mexico to join with US politicians to kill it.  And see this html version of an ad I tried to place in the LA Daily News. But the LA Times killed it.
    I spent ten years in California watching this happen - up close and personal.
    I tried to recall Gov. Davis for killing 187, but fell short - due mainly to a news blackout that hindered fund raising. We did get more than 450,000 signatures, however.
    For the past twelve years I have watched as attempts at securing our border with Mexico are subverted - just like 187.
    And, Mexico is in on the game.
    The same blackout that stopped the recall of Gray Davis, is being applied to my efforts to secure the border. The mainstream media, including Fox News, are the real enemy of the people - but the people just don't know it.
    We lost California. Let's hope the people wake up before we lose the rest of America.