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September 15, 2012

Border Blind Spot?
Major smuggling corridor unprotected?

Border Patrol camera tower at Apache Sky Road in Hereford, Arizona. On August 25, ABP reported a missing night vision camera. The other camera was found missing on September 14. ABP thinks the replacement camera shown at the right is a dummy.
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- September 15, 2014   
    According a July 30 story to the L.A. Times, US Border Patrol funds operation and maintenance funds being diverted to pay for the surge in Central Americans into Texas.
    American Border Patrol - the non-profit on the border - has come up with evidence that diversion of border funds may be putting the nation at risk. Photographs taken of a Border Patrol camera tower near ABP's ranch suggest that both night vision cameras may be out of commission. And, this particular camera tower is primarily responsible for watching a major smuggling corridor along the San Pedro River in Arizona.
    ABP first reported a missing night vision camera on August 25, noting it had been missing for few days. The day after we published the photo of the missing camera, it seemed to have been replaced, but the dangling wire raised some concerns.
    As we report here there is strong evidence that Customs and Border Protection installed a dummy camera on August 26 to make it appear that they had repaired the missing camera reported by ABP. If this is true, it is additional evidence that the Department of Homeland Security cannot be trusted with our safety.