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September 14, 2012

Mexican President Nieto
Blowing in the Wind
Glenn Spencer. American Border Patrol -- September 14, 2014   
    When Texas Governor Perry deployed the National Guard to the border, Mexican President Nieto called the move "reprehensible." Reprehensible? The Texas National Guard cannot even apprehend illegal aliens.
    Texas Gov Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst fired back, saying, “I find it puzzling and frankly offensive that the government of Mexico chose the 13th anniversary of the most tragic attack on our homeland to call on Texas to throw open our international border to illegal immigration, trafficking in drugs and human lives, and potentially even terrorists who wish to harm America"
     have long said you won't know you're being invaded until you try to stop it. In 1994 we tried to stop it with Proposition 187. The reaction from Mexico and the Mexican diaspora was incredible. "Proposition 187 was the last gasp of white Americans in California!" yelled state representative Art Torres (soon to be Chairman of the California Democrat Party). "California is going to be a Hispanic State and anyone who doesn't like it should leave," proclaimed MALDEF co-founder Mario Obledo. The Mexican Consul General of Los Angeles said, "... we are practicing la reconquista in California."
    The enforcement of Prop. 187 was stopped by an illegal act by Governor Davis in coordination with the president of Mexico.
    Most recently, the President of Mexican attacked Arizona for mounting a legal defense - and Democrats applauded him.
    The Washington power-elite know what is at stake. They know that the construction of border fencing started the Mexican drug war.
    These same powerful people are afraid that real security on the border might provoke a second Mexican War. This time it could spill over onto the streets of Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago. Should fear of a backlash from Mexico deter us from protecting our citizens and our sovereignty?
    The answer is blowing in the wind.