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September 13, 2012

Too Hard on Americans?
Glenn Spencer. American Patrol Report -- September 13, 2014   
    I had second thoughts about calling Americans who openly supported Obama idiots. Maybe I was too hard on them.
    Also, maybe I shouldn't have called Obama a lying sociopath who was a threat to our nation. Then I had cold water splashed in my face.
    Charles Krauthammer, a psychiatrist and lawyer, said Obama lied about his reason for waiting until November to take executive action on immigration.
    Maybe I shouldn't have said that Obama would take us into ruin. Then I read that U.S. Intelligence has learned that Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists have talked about infiltrating the country through the Mexico border. "They do pose a direct threat to the homeland," Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon charged to Newsmax. "We don't know how many have come across the southern border. The border is as porous as a sieve."
    Then I read that the White House had assured Rep. Raul Grijalva that Obama would grant amnesty to millions. Grijalva is a former member of MEChA - a group dedicated to the conquest of Aztlan (the American Southwest). He called for a boycott of Arizona after it passed a law to help enforce federal immigration laws.
    Maybe I was too hard on Americans, after all Mitt Romney had the chance to tell them who Obama really is --- and didn't.
    I use the term "idiot' loosely --- probably too loosely this time. Still, by 2012 Americans had four years to watch Obama operate, and they seriously misjudged him --- to our peril.