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September 12, 2012

Obama's Idiots
Glenn Spencer. American Patrol Report -- September 12, 2014   
    In September of 2012, two months before he was re-elected, I registered the domain name ObamasIdiots.
    I was going to embarrass people by posting online photos of them with Obama. I began scanning the Internet for such photos. The problem was there were too many. I couldn't believe that so many people had been taken in by this lying sociopath, but they had. Time wouldn't allow posting the photos of so many idiots.
    This sort of thing has happened before.
    In the 1930s an entire nation was seduced by Adolf Hitler, and the world almost came to an end.
    In his guest editorial in the Sonoran News (Barack Obama - The man who stole America - Part 1) Robert Quinn lays out the case against Obama in exquisite detail. "Six years ago, I started reading articles challenging whether Barack Obama was ever eligible to have sought the Office of President of the United States. The more I read and researched the more evident it became that he had perpetrated the greatest political hoax ever against our Nation."
    He is absolutely right. Barack Obama is a hoax of the highest order. And, he was elected to be President of the United States - twice.
    What is it in the human condition that would allow otherwise rational people to be seduced en masse? We may never know, but we should know this: Unless we wake up from this trance, and soon, he may take the greatest nation on earth into ruin - and the rest of the planet with us.
    This is the way the world ends - not with a bang - but by idiots.