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September 11, 2012

Securing Our Border - The Real Fight

Jorge Ramos and Bill O'Reilly debate immigration - Sept. 9, 2014

Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- September 11, 2014   
    In 2010 Mexican President Calderon spoke to a joint session of Congress. When he attacked Arizona for attempting to enforce immigration laws, Many, mostly Democrats, stood and cheered (28-second video clip).
    Calderon was trying to convince Congress to help him invade our country. Idiots and traitors stood and cheered.
    When Texas Gov. Perry announced plans to deploy the National Guard to the border, the Mexican government decried his "unilateral decision."
    On Tuesday, Bill O'Reilly debated Jorge Ramos of Univision. The subject was illegal immigration.
    During the debate, O'Reilly said he favored a path to citizenship for "illegal aliens," but that we must have border security first. Ramos said, "that was just an excuse to do nothing." Securing the border is doing something.
    Ramos and many leaders of the Hispanic community oppose setting border security as a "trigger" - or prerequisite - for amnesty. They want amnesty - and open borders. So do many in Congress.
    Globalists, liberals, idiots and the government of Mexico do not believe that the southern border of the United States should be secure. They do not believe that the United States of America should continue to exist as a sovereign nation. The vast, vast majority of Americans disagree. They want their nation to survive.
    American Border Patrol has come up with a solution to the border problem. For all its hard work, it is either ignored or condemned. Considering the forces at work, this is not surprising . Those who support us do so quietly, out of fear of retribution by the liberal media - but there numbers are quietly growing.
    After all is said and done the real fight is over border security. Win that fight, and solutions to the problem of illegal aliens might be found. Lose it and we lose our nation.