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September 8, 2012

L. A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich
Illegal Immigration: Too High a Toll
L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich -- SCV News-- September 7, 2014   
    Legal immigration is a vital and necessary resource to enhance our economy and culture. Illegal immigration is an affront to those who follow the law.
    While Mexico relies on more than $20 billion in annual remittances from Mexican expatriates in the U.S., illegal immigration continues to cost Los Angeles County taxpayers alone nearly $2 billion a year and siphons resources away from vital municipal services for legal immigrants and county residents.
    Our healthcare delivery system has become the HMO for the world, and our education system is failing.
    In public safety, 25 percent of our county jail inmates are illegal – and the cost of illegals on our county's justice system is $550 million per year, including incarceration, prosecution, defense and probation.
    More important, however, is the human toll of illegal immigration.
    Jonathan Del Carmen Refugio, arrested for the murder of USC graduate student Xinran Ji, entered the country illegally --- yet the victim's parents were delayed in entering the country legally to claim their son's body.

Glenn Spencer. American Patrol Report   
Antonovich: Fighting the fight for more than 20 years  
I first met Supervisor Antonovich on April 15, 1993, when he spoke to Voice of Citizens Together, a group I ran in California. -- Mike has been speaking out against illegal immigration for more than 20 years - and he has been right all along. -- Despite his heroic efforts, the American people still do not understand what is being done to them. Organizations such as the Los Angeles Times make sure they don't.