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September 6, 2012

Obama Must Act Now

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- September 6, 2014   
    Yesterday, the head of the National Council of La Raza (the race) demanded that Barack Obama give executive amnesty to eight million illegal aliens.
    On the same day, the highly respected 538 poll gave the Republicans a 63.5% chance of taking control of the Senate in the November election. And, there are reasons to believe that Republicans will do even better.
    Obama's people, including Cecilia Munoz - his Domestic Advisor and former VP of La Raza -know that the will lose the Senate anyway and strongly urge action now.
    If he waits until after the election, a gross illegal act of granting amnesty might produce a backlash. Bureaucrats, fearing a Republican controlled Congress, might balk at enforcement. If he acts before the election, he might turn out enough minorities and radical leftists to make a difference - and give time for the "executive action" to take hold.
    Obama must act now if the primary purpose of his presidency - the emasculation of White political power in America - is to be realized.

ABP Note: According to the NY Times, Obama has given up on granting amnesty before the election. Apparently there really was a "Come to Jesus" moment as we suspected.