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September 5, 2012

I Know Too Much

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- September 5, 2014   
    This week I was interviewed by an expert in security. He has a Ph.D., was a U.S. Fulbright Scholar, and is an Associate Dean of Strategic Security, specializing in security, intelligence, and modern military studies. He served in Bahrain, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He visited me because he I had been recommended by a former US Border Patrol agent. He didn't really know who I was or what I did. The interview was at ABP's ranch.
    I began by giving him a review of my work on the border, and my experience fighting illegal immigration in California. It didn't take long before the phrase, "I had no idea," passed his lips. Toward the end of the three hour interview he said he probably wouldn't mention that he visited me.
    I know more about the issues of illegal immigration and border security than any person alive. That is why I am blacked out by the mainstream media. I know too much. That is why I am labeled a "hate monger" by the SPLC - I know too much. The professor understood just how dangerous a man I am, and how his own security might be at risk if he admitted talking to me. I know too much - and he would know it too.
    I also know how to secure the border. I invented the Sonic Barrier to do just that. None other than the Northrop Grumman Corporation loves the idea - after studying it for more than a year. They recommended that DHS use the system in Texas - but they were stonewalled.
    The story of the Sonic Barrier is about to reach the public - despite a Herculean effort by the open borders crowd to keep it from them. When it does, the use of the word "stunned" may face a new threshold.
    Stay tuned.