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September 4, 2012

Border Cameras Vulnerable to Drones?
Terrorists could blind us

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- September 4, 2014   
  America's southern border is vulnerable to terrorist attacks. To spot them, the US Border Patrol uses more than 40 Remote Surveillance Camera Systems (RVSS).
    More are planned under the Integrated Fixed Towers program, currently being held up by a dispute over a contract award.
    These camera systems are America's first line of defense against a ground invasion. Last Tuesday, American Border Patrol took a look at just how vulnerable they are.
    Using a small drone, ABP flew right up to a camera tower in southern Arizona.
    As seen in this 40-second video, the drone was able to fly up to the tower, staying out of view of the two camera systems. The Border Patrol had no idea it was there.
    Could such a drone knock the tower out of action? Yes. It could fly right over the top of the tower and drop a small explosive that would disable the entire camera system.
    These towers are usually less than 3/4 of a mile from the border. Operating in Mexico (where no one would notice) small drones - from as far away as four miles - could be used in a coordinated attack that would blind the US Border Patrol. These drones are cheap and they are becoming easier to use. A bunch of them could blind us in less than one hour.
    Do you think Congress should look into this? If so, call your Congressman today.
    (ABP has tested a system called the Sonic Barrier that would not be subject to such attacks.)