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September 3, 2012

Immigration Policy by Executive Fiat
Obama contemplates constitutionally dubious
changes on both legal and illegal immigration

Fred Bauer -- National Review -- September 2, 2014   
    When the Senate passed its version of comprehensive immigration reform, it aimed to appeal to a coalition dominated by ethnic activists and big business. The Senate immigration package --- consisting principally of immediate legalization for millions of illegal immigrants, promises of enforcement, revisions of the legal-immigration system, and the expansion of guest-worker visa programs --- would have fulfilled that coalition's desires for the legalization of illegal immigrants and cheap labor. A popular outcry might have stopped the Senate immigration bill, but perhaps President Obama's executive orders will gratify this coalition's appetites after all. [...]
    Even as some sections of corporate America, claiming a lack of workers, are pushing for more guest workers and a reduction of immigration enforcement, a growing body of evidence suggests that more and more Americans are being economically left behind.