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September 2, 2012

What's Up With Fox News?
Deliberately misleading viewers

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- September 2, 2014   
   During an interview with Sen. Ted Cruz, Fox News Sunday showed an image of the border. It was heavily protected with a concertina-topped double-layered fence, US Border Patrol agents on ATVs - and camera and light towers. The image was shown as Sen. Cruz discussed the Texas border problem. There is a problem here. The photo is not of the Texas border - it is of the California - Mexico border.
    Last July Hannity of Fox News travelled down to Texas to take a look at the border. He and Texas Gov. Perry took a helicopter ride to see what it was like. As I pointed out at the time, they flew right over the levee system that was going to be the backbone for border security along the Rio Grande. Hannity and Fox News failed to point out that the fence system that was designed to sit atop the levees was never finished.
    When I flew down to Texas in July I immediately saw that there were huge gaps in the border fence - left there because the Obama Administration never installed the electric fences called for in the fence system design.
    Fox News refuses to report on the work of American Border Patrol on orders of the Southern Poverty Law Center. The least it could do, however, is to avoid deliberately misleading its viewers about the border situation - as it did on Fox News Sunday. And don't tell me they had to use stock footage - Hannity was just at the Texas border!

ABP Note: Three years ago I made a very short phone appearance on Justice with Judge Jeanine, after a Muslim cleric crossed the border near San Diego. I sent the producer a photo of a hole in the fence that he might have used, but Fox News used a photo of a double-layered, concertina-topped fence instead. I complained - but to no avail.