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August 31, 2012

Will Obama Wait?

Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- August 31, 2014  
    Most pundits predict that Obama will postpone action on amnesty until after the November election.
    From the outset, Barack Obama's primary goal has been legalize millions of Mexicans. I warned about this before he was elected - the first time.
    The surge of Central Americans, engineered by Cecilia Munoz, was a gigantic tactical mistake - It awakened the sleeping giant. Suddenly border security became job number one for Americans.
    Regardless of what Obama does, Republicans will retake the Senate and border security will be a top priority early next year. Nothing will be done about legalization until it has been proven that the border is secure. Obama will be a bad memory then.
    Obama is considering taking action after the election and before the new Senate is installed. A lame duck Congress will be reluctant to act to impeach him - and there probably wouldn't be time anyway.
    After the election Obama's amnesty executive orders could produce a rebellion in a DHS bureaucracy looking at a purge under a Republican Senate and House. Some could go to prison..
    Obama doesn't care a whit about the Democrat Party and he may decide to take action now, while he still has some semblance of power.