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August 29, 2012

Senate in Play Over Border Security

Daily Caller -- August 25, 2014   
Arkansas Senator Under Fire for Border Votes
  The hot-button issue of immigration pushed Rep. Tom Cotton into politics, and now he's using the issue to push Sen. Mark Pryor out of the Senate.
James Oliphant -- National Journal -- August 29, 2014   
And, in New Hampshire   
New Hampshire has been one state where the immigration issue --- brought to a head by the border crisis earlier this summer --- is being credited for narrowing the gap between Shaheen and her likely challenger in the fall, former Sen. Scott Brown. A recent poll showed Shaheen's lead over Brown, once in double digits, to be crumbling. Brown, more than most candidates, has been hitting the executive-authority issue hard.
The Hill -- August 27, 2014   
Rubio: Border security a priority if Senate flips
   If the GOP gains a majority in the Senate in November and keeps a majority in the House, Republicans would take up a bill to secure the border, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) predicted.
    "We have to honestly be able to say that illegal immigration is under control," the freshman senator and potential 2016 contender told The New York Times.
    He said if Republicans win a majority in both congressional houses they would take up a measure to increase border security early next year, around the time the Cuban-American senator has said he would decide between running for reelection or running for president.