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August 25, 2012

Deliberate Degradation of National Security
Border States Left to Fend for Themselves (and Us)

Photo at right was taken by Glenn Spencer this morning - standing on his front porch.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- August 25, 2014   
    I live right on the border. My southern neighbor is Mexico. A US Border Patrol camera tower sits 100 feet north of my home. It is used to watch a major smuggling corridor - possibly used by ISIS.
    There are two sets of cameras on the tower. Each set has a day camera and a night camera - or they used to. As of last week, the eastern set was missing its night camera. I was told it is out for repairs. Apparently no spares were available. This is inexcusable, but not surprising since the Obama Administration is using border security money to pay for services for illegal aliens.
    Despite a heightened threat of terrorism, we are now seeing a deliberate degradation of the border security technical infrastructure. The small cadre of agents that actually patrol the border is being blinded. This adds insult to injury since DHS/CBO has done a lousy job of developing these systems in the first place.
    It is now obvious - to even the most casual observer - that border states must provide for their own security. They must fend for themselves.
    Governor Perry has already taken steps to protect Texans. The gubernatorial primary campaign in Arizona is replete with candidates promising better border security.
    California is already an open-border state, but Obama would have a real problem trying to tear down the double-layered, concertina-topped fencing that protects San Diego.
    Obama may or may not move to legalize millions, but there is no doubt that he will continue to degrade our border security. It will be up to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to protect the rest of America.
    I know how to achieve border security within the budgets of these states --- if anyone is interested.