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Border Message?    
While taking visitors on a tour of the border this morning, Glenn Spencer spotted something he hadn't seen before. Hanging on an old barbed wire border fence were items of clothing that appeared to be new and placed in a matter that was not haphazard. -- The first photo shows the clothing hanging on the fence a few feet south of a Normandy-style vehicle barrier. The second photo is a close-up of the clothing. -- The clothing was hung on a barbed wire fence that is about 1/4-mile west of the San Pedro River and only a few feet from Glenn Spencer's property line. -- US Border Patrol vehicles pass this spot many times a day and agents could easily have seen it. -- A retired Marine officer was on the tour. He said the clothing appeared to have been displayed in a way that was intended to send a message to someone, but who? Glenn Spencer? The US Border Patrol? -- What was the message?