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August 23, 2012

Chicago A Top Terror Target; Ominous
Tweet Connects ISIS Threat In City

CBS News -- August 23, 2014   
     Chicago -- Over the past six years, Chicago has become a top potential target for international terrorists, a top security expert said Friday, making the posting of a veiled threat by Islamic radicals on Twitter a higher cause for concern.
    “Many terror organizations refer to Chicago as Obama Town,” said CBS 2 security expert Ross Rice, a former FBI agent in Chicago. Under President Obama, the U.S. took out Osama bin Laden, and used repeated drone strikes to weaken terror networks.
    In the meantime, the U.S. government on Friday issued a security bulletin to all U.S. law enforcement in light of the overall threat posed by Islamic State, commonly known as ISIS or ISIL.
    The ominous post on Twitter, purportedly from somebody connected with Islamic State, shows a photo of the Old Republic Building, 307 N. Michigan Ave., in Chicago and the White House.
    The text reads:
  • #AmessagefromISIStoUS
  • We are in your state
  • We are in your cities
  • We are in your streets
  • You are our goals anywhere.
    The handwritten note is dated June 20.

Glenn Spencer. American Patrol Report   
Terrorist Crossing?    
An expert in terrorism told me that the clothing I spotted hanging on the border fence near ABP's ranch is probably a message to other smugglers that this spot is reserved for a specific group - possibly ISIS. It wouldn't surprise me as this is a popular route for people who want to get into the US without being spotted. -- The clothes are still there.