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August 19, 2012

Singer Linda Ronstadt talks
Tucson, Mexico and border fence

Arizona Republic -- August 18, 2014   
     ...Ronstadt spoke about this in July on "The Diane Rehm Show" just after President Barack Obama awarded Ronstadt the National Medal of Arts and Humanities at a White House ceremony. [...]    
    She said on the radio, "Well, the politics were getting so gnarly in Arizona. I just, I mean, I grew up in Arizona, I love it. I'm a part of the desert. I feel like, really, I'm from the Sonoran Desert, which is --- extends to both sides of the border. I'm really from that part of Mexico also. And I hate that there's a fence, you know, running through it." [...]   
    "You have the United States, and you have Mexico, and then you have this Mexican-American thing which is this third culture, which I like to call Aztlán.
    "It's not the same as Mexican culture; it's not the same as American culture. It's a distinct hybrid with its own characteristics, and it's influencing the culture in the United States and Mexico, and that's kind of where I've found myself for the last 20 years. It's an Aztec word; it means northern. It's where the Aztecs came from. When they asked, 'Where did you come from? They said 'Aztlán,' which is up here in the north, probably the American Southwest.
    "So I think of myself as a girl from the Sonoran Desert, and my culture is the culture of Aztlán."

Glenn Spencer. American Patrol Report   
Shameless Newspaper
Four years ago the Arizona Republic talked me into letting them use ABP's border fence map, and then didn't mention us in the cover story. They have refused to say a word about ABP's work to tell the truth about the border, but give full coverage of an advocate of the Mexican takeover of Arizona. -- They are truly "rotten people."