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August 15, 2012

Amnesty would make border crisis worse

The Hill-- August 14, 2014   
   Any legalization of illegal immigrants --- either through legislation or executive fiat --- would undoubtedly encourage more illegal immigration, making the current crisis look almost insignificant by comparison. This should be well-understood by former La Raza Vice President Cecilia Muñoz, who currently serves in the White House as assistant to President Obama and director of the Domestic Policy Council.
    Only four years after the comprehensive amnesty of 1986 was signed into law, Muñoz authored a report for La Raza in which she noted that the amnesty did not stop illegal immigration. She noted that La Raza had worked hard for years to "shape legislation which would control illegal immigration without infringing on Hispanic rights, and which would bring the sizeable undocumented population ... out of the shadows." This legislation would become known as the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), which, among other things, amnestied nearly 3 million illegal immigrants and made it illegal for employers to knowingly hire illegal aliens.
    The legalization process happened up front, but the enforcement provisions in the bill never really materialized. Not surprisingly, illegal immigration was not controlled and people continued coming illegally, hoping for some sort of legalization.

Glenn Spencer. American Border Patrol
Fox News and the Open Borders Conspiracy
The solution to the border problem is at hand, but Fox News does not want you to know about it. On August 10, I e-mailed a producer at Fox - that I have taken flying along the border - with information about this solution. The email should have brought a Fox News crew down to my ranch, but I didn't even get a response.
    In part, I said: "This past April a MAJOR DOD contractor strongly suggested that DHS take a look at a solution to the Texas border problem. They were rebuffed. The record is very clear on this."
    This solution to the border problem will eventually surface - there is no doubt of this. History will record that Fox News' refusal to cover this story will place them squarely in the camp of the open borders crowd.