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August 11, 2012

Hidden Cameras Capture Smugglers
Crossing Border 'No-Man's Land'
(Why are they telling this story now? See ABP Comment.)
NBC News-- August 10, 2014   
    Tucson -- A cattle-ranching couple in southern Arizona hopes that dramatic hidden-camera video showing suspected drug or immigrant smugglers crossing their property will help persuade federal officials to shift resources southward to eliminate what they call a dangerous "no-man’s land” along the border.
    “It just confirmed what we already knew,” Jim Chilton, who runs the 50,000-acre ranch with his wife, Sue, said of the video, which was filmed this spring by a border-security advocacy group. ...“We have ceded to the cartels 20 miles, 30 miles inside the United States.”
    For years, the Chiltons have publicly complained — even testified before Congress -- that their ranch southwest of Tucson, which shares a 5-1/2-mile border with Mexico, has been flooded with smugglers. They've told of surprise encounters with groups of migrants – some of them armed –- break-ins at their home and finding piles of trash and clothing left by the trespassers. [...]
    With the Chiltons' permission, a border-security advocacy group placed hidden cameras on well-worn paths in March and April about 10 to 15 miles north of the international boundary with Mexico, which is marked on their ranch only by a four-strand barbed wire fence.
    In June, the advocacy group, which posts its video on the website, returned and recovered footage of suspected smugglers crossing the ranch in broad daylight.

ABP COMMENT: On April 4, 2010, we ran a story about SecureBorderIntel and its trail cameras - Americans Watch Nation Being Invaded. -- We asked the question: "When Will Networks Tell The Real Story?" We now know - four years later. -- Why are they telling the story now? Because they think it's too late for us to do anything about it.