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August 10, 2012

DHS Rejects Solution to Border Problem

Mike King explains IDENTISEIS
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- August 10, 2014   
    I cannot give you proof of what I am about to say because I am bound by a secrecy agreement. Someday the facts will come out.
    American Border Patrol has been testing a border security system for nearly four years. We call it the Sonic Barrier, but it is called IDENTISEIS by its inventor, Border Technology, Inc. (If you Google Sonic Barrier Border Tech and IDENTISEIS, you will learn all you need to know about this system.)
    For the past eighteen months a major DOD contractor has been studying the system. They love it.
    Last April the DHS/CBP asked this contractor to visit the border near McAllen, Texas, to see if it had any hardware that could help secure the border along the Rio Grande River.
    This is a redacted email from that contractor:

Glenn, I just got out of a meeting with Nxxx Myyyy. He has just returned from McAllen Tx border. He surveyed over 28 miles of border with the CBP. He is even more excited about Identiseis after seeing the border. The CBP wants us to deploy zzzz and zzzz to that exact border. Which after seeing the border Nxxx is convinced that our mobile zzzz system will not be that effective. The border is full or sugar cane fields and dense forest. So neither the radar nor the thermal imaging day-night cameras will be much use. Neither can detect or provide and image thru dense foliage. He is further convinced that the place is perfect for BTI’s sensor. The CBP needs to detect then respond and your sensor can do help do that. He told the CBP Chief that we are pursuing a long linear sensor integration that may be perfect for his needs. This is perfect news at a perfect time.

    (I held off releasing this redacted email out of hope that CBP would reconsider. That hope has vanished.)
    What Happened?
    The contractor tried to get DHS to support an effort to integrate that contractor's hardware with IDENTISEIS. At that point the emails about the idea stopped and work with that contractor on IDENTISEIS came to halt - after 18 months of intense coordination.
    There is no question that the Sonic Barrier (AKA IDENTISEIS) would be perfect for Texas. It could be installed on top of levees and detect and identify just about everyone who entered illegally, after first crossing the river. This wouldn't stop Obama's "babies," but it would help stop everyone else.
    There is no question that DHS knows all about the Sonic Barrier (AKA IDENTISEIS) and that they refuse to even consider it. Why? Because it works.