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August 8, 2012

Krauthammer: Obama trying to
give GOP impeachment bait
Fox News -- August 7, 2014   
Greta Van Susteren: Charles, what's going on with the President?
Charles Krauthammer: Well, I think they're going to go for a Hail Mary here. They are looking at a very bad election coming up in November, and this is about the only issue that occupies his mind – seems to energize him. Elections – he's a great campaigner but not a very great president. So, because he's been pretty lethargic on just about every other issue under the sun. So, how are they going to improve their chances for November? They are talking about – they have been leaking this story now for weeks - the president mentioned it obliquely yesterday – about an executive action to legalized millions of illegal aliens living here in the United States. And that, clearly, would be a violation of the Constitution – by Obama's own words.
...What they're hoping for is that it work spark impeachment and that would rescue the Democrats in the same way the impeachment overreach in 1998 bailed out the Democrats in an election they otherwise would have lost.
Van Susteren: The discussion about impeachment? I am beginning to think it's his only way of getting out fast because I think he hates the job.

Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol: Greta is getting warmer. Obama doesn't hate the job --- he hates America. -- He will move to legalized millions of illegal aliens, not because he wants to help Democrats - he doesn't give a damn about them. He will take the action to make sure that American is changed forever - with no border or dominant culture. He hopes that impeachment will create total chaos and, possibly upset the election. -- Just about the only thing that could stop him is for a delegation of Democrat Senators tell Obama that they will vote to impeach immediately if he moves to legalize millions. This "Come to Jesus" moment could happen at any time now.