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August 7, 2012

Hear the Border Radio Traffic Where Agents
Say They Spot More Than 770 Illegal
Immigrants in 24 Hours
The Blaze -- August 5, 2014   
   Twenty-four hours' worth of Border Patrol radio traffic condensed into just over 14 minutes exposes the reality of the porous southern U.S. border in McAllen, Texas, and provides yet “another piece of evidence” that the surge illegal immigrants flooding the United States is only going to get worse, a Border Patrol agent told TheBlaze.
    Border Patrol agents along the Rio Grande Valley inundated with migrant children mainly from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala were tracking more than 770 people who had already entered illegally and others who were attempting to cross from Reynosa, Mexico. Immigrants pay human traffickers to get them across the Rio Grande by raft and many also attempt the treacherous swim across.
    We can't keep up with this surge --- it's growing faster than our resources allow us,” said the Border Patrol agent, who wasn't authorized to speak publicly. “This audio is just another piece of evidence that it's bad. Unless we send them back, it's only going to get worse as the weather cools down.”
    The roughly 14 minutes of radio traffic, recorded Sunday, reveals the daunting task faced by agents charged with apprehending illegals. The audio, which was uploaded by, was condensed from a 24-hour time period to expose the level of activity confronting agents on patrol.

ABP COMMENT: is very reliable. You can take their stuff to the bank ---- but not Fox News - they're not interested in the truth about the border.