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August 5, 2012

Cecilia Munoz is the "Quarterback of
Obama's Immigration Reform Efforts"
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- August 5, 2014   
Munoz vs. Spencer  
    She has been calling the shots that have led to utter chaos on our border. Under her plan, Obama will grant amnesty to millions of Mexicans, forever changing America. She once headed the National Council of La Raza.
    Back in October of 2000, she said of my reports of a Mexican plan to retake the American Southwest: "He makes contentions that are ugly and very divisive," she said. "Not the kinds of things that bring people together" My contentions are documented in a video entitled Conquest of Aztlan. It opens with a quote from Elena Poniatowska, who said, " Mexico is recovering territory yielded to the United States by migratory practices." I go on to carefully document that what Poniatowska, claimed is absolutely true.
   For my efforts to warn Americans about a threat to national survival, I am vilified as a hate monger. For her efforts to defeat any attempt to halt a wholesale invasion of our country, Munoz is given a $500,000 prize by the MacArthur Foundation.
    This is why we are in such big trouble today.....