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August 3, 2012

There is a Solution to the Border Problem
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol-- August 3, 2014   
   I just watched This Week With George Stephanopoulos. The first part dealt with the problem at the border. The discussion was chaotic, not unlike the border. No one seems to have an answer. I do. Meet the Press opened with a claim that a "do nothing" Congress is at fault for all the problems.
    On Wednesday, July 30, Rep. Larry Bucshon, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Research and Technology, US House of Representatives, received delivery of a package. The package contained a letter from me, and other documents and a thumb drive.
    In the letter I explained how Border Technology had developed a system to count everyone who crosses the border. The documents proved that this technology would do what I claimed it would do. I cannot post that proof because much of it is restricted from release.
    The thumb drive included a video and PowerPoint of my presentation at GovSec West entitled - "What is Border Security, and How Will We Know When We Have It?"
    I was hoping that Chairman Bucshon would use the information in his hearing on Border Technology.
    Unfortunately, the technology my package spoke of was not mentioned in the hearing, although I had a sense that, judging by their questions, some of the subcommittee members had seen my material. With the possible exception of the fellow from GAO, the witnesses at the hearing were totally clueless about border technology. (My telephone number is 520-366-9900)
    The release of heretofore secret information about this new border technology should help the House of Representatives investigate what has been a blackout of an important solution to the border problem.
    Any fair observer with a high tech background agrees that I have a solution to the border problem. Congress now has a chance to change all that talk about doing nothing and do something real about the border.
    The ball is in your court, House of Representatives. I, and America, wait for you to act.