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August 1, 2012

America's Last Chance?
Glenn Spencer, American Patrol Report -- August 1, 2014   
 Rodney King Riot, 1992
    I have been warning the Republican Party for years.
National Suicide (2008)
Amnesty Surge Accelerates (2012) -- Political malpractice?
The Ad That Would Have Made A POTUS (2012) -- Romney should have run it   
    They didn't listen.
    They now have one last chance to stand up and fight to save our nation.
What the House Should Do
    The House should vote to introduce Articles of Impeachment the day after Obama takes any step to legalize more illegal aliens.
    It should then vote to rescind DACA and the 2008 law allowing minor children to remain in the US.
    It should then vote to implement the Border Security Accountability Act of 2014, as I outlined in my GovSec West paper in Dallas last November.
    Anything short of this is total surrender.