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July 29, 2012

The Courier-- July 28, 2014   
    Arguably, no more important, pressing domestic issue exists today than the crisis on America's border with Mexico. In fact, Gallup said the percentage of Americans citing immigration as the nation's number-one issue surged to 17 percent this month, up from 5 percent in June, to its highest percentage since 2006. Immigration ranked ahead of dissatisfaction with government, the general economy, unemployment/jobs and health care.
    The legal, social, economic, security and humanitarian implications of continued illegal immigration and the virtual tidal wave of Central American children pouring across our nation's southern border can't be overstated.
    As America continues its struggle to answer the question of what to do about illegal immigrants and migrant children who already have entered the country, a greater sense of urgency must be applied to improved border security.
    In other words, before we can treat the wounds effectively, we first must stop the bleeding.
    Whatever it takes --- Today. A growing number of Americans agree.

ABP Note: We will say it again. If you want the truth about the border, watch "What is border security, and how will we know when we have it?" Everyone who does finally understands what is going on. And, they can ask Fox News why it won't tell the truth about the border.