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July 26, 2012

An Enemy in the White House
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- July 26, 2014   
    I have been fighting illegal immigration for more than 22 years full-time. I have been on the front lines for the entire period. I have witnessed the enormous power of the forces dedicated to the destruction of the our nation by a massive influx from south of the border. Barack Obama is a proud product of those forces.
    Obama is now planning to completely nullify our immigration laws - following the model he started in 2012. If he does, and that act is legally irreversible, then, unfortunately, my prediction of seven years ago that his election would amount to "national suicide" was right.
    On June 8, I said that Obama is trying to get the House to impeach him. Others are beginning to say the same thing, but their reasoning has flaws.
    Some say the Senate would not remove him from office, even if the Republicans gain control, because a two-thirds vote is needed, and they wouldn't get it.
    Consider this. If Republicans do take control of the Senate, as expected, new committee chairmen would no doubt launch investigations into Obama's unlawful acts, including nullification of the immigration laws. It might take a few months, but full exposure of Obama's subversive, anti-American acts would bring most of the Senate to vote to remove him from office. I also believe he would end up in prison. Obama knows this and he wants to complete his destruction of the nation while he still has the power to do so.
    He wants impeachment to begin now to create complete havoc before the November election. He wants to see cities burning and the southern border overwhelmed. He wants Marshall Law in some areas and, like everything else, he would expand that power without limit.
    Obama does not see himself remaining in the US after leaving office - by Senate removal or otherwise. He does not like us - and feeling would be almost completely mutual. He will seek sanctuary in some place like Brazil or Indonesia where the multitude would serve as the adoring crowd that he so desperately needs. He might even leave while serving as president.
    Speaker Boehner should determine if Obama has the power to successfully nullify our immigration laws - regardless of Congressional action. If the answer is yes, he should call a special session of the House and initiate impeachment proceedings. If the answer is no, as special session should still be called to pass legislation to assure that any nullification is not possible. Any Senator who votes against such a law - or impeachment - should be removed from office.
    Barack Obama is the greatest threat to the United States in our history, and Congress should act accordingly.
    Let us not wait until the Joint Chiefs of Staff do the job of protecting our nation for them.......