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July 25, 2012

Information Wars
Alex Jones Comes to the Border

Joe Biggs and Josh Owens of
prepare to fly the border with Glenn Spencer
American Border Patrol -- July 25, 2014   
     Defying a nationwide mainstream media blackout, including Fox News, Alex Jones' reporters spent three days on the border with American Border Patrol, the non-profit border experts.
    The first story filed by Joe Biggs showed him easily crossing the border from Mexico only feet from ABP's ranch.
    The visit included an aerial tour of the border in ABPs Cessna TU-206, and a live demonstration of the Sonic Barrier border security system.
    The InfoWars crew, Joe Biggs and Josh Owens, watched as a remote camera miles from the ABP ranch tracked two people approaching the border. When they got within about 600 feet of the Sonic Barrier, a siren sounded that all could hear.
    The remote location where Sonic Barrier system is being used to stop drug smugglers is secret.
    This use of the Sonic Barrier to protect America is being done with private donations, after the government refused to help.
    As you watch these revealing stories from, remember that the mainstream media refuse to report on American Border Patrol's work.
    There is an information war going on in America......