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July 22, 2012

CBP Border Technology - Questionable Decisions

American Border Patrol -- July 22, 2014   
Mark Borkowski
    In 2006 the US Department of Homeland Security let a contract for a Virtual Fence. I predicted that it would fail. It failed.
"Homeland Security Cancels ‘Virtual Fence’ After $1 Billion Is Spent" - NY Times
Integrated Fixed Towers
    Now they are at it again. After a long drawn out contract evaluation period, the DHS/CBP office of Technology Innovation and Acquisition let a contract to an Israeli firm for what they call Integrated Fixed Towers (truly a makeover of the Boeing virtual fence). But things aren't going so well for the tech guys as CBP. Raytheon smelled a rat and challenged the CBP commissioner's decision - and the GAO decided they were right.
    As I explained in my GovSec West paper, this Integrated Fixed Tower thing is as dumb as it gets.
    Last summer, after my company, Border Technology, made the news in Arizona, I was invited to brief Mark Borkowski and his people CBP about my new system I call IDENTISEIS (AKA Sonic Barrier) They saw this video.
    Since that briefing Borkowski has turned down all requests to support this system - even one coming from a major DOD contractor. This system works and Borkowski knows it.
    Eight years ago I said: "This is all of the same nonsense we have seen for years. The program will be run by open borders people at DHS/CBP and will accomplish absolutely nothing except lull the people into a false sense of security."
    Nothing has changed. ......