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July 20, 2012

Texas Border Solution

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- July 20, 2014   
    It is almost impossible to stop people from entering the US illegally by crossing the Rio Grande River - especially if they want to get caught.
    Take a look at the Rio Grande River in Google Earth. It is more than 100 miles in length around McAllen, Texas, and it is only about 200 feet wide. All you need is an inner tube.
    Forget a fence near the river - and forget patrol boats. I recently recorded an aerial GoPro video of 40 miles of the river and saw only one patrol boat.
    There are two ways to secure the border in Texas - Change the law so every illegal alien can be deported; And use levees to stop illegal aliens from getting farther north.
    We started building fences atop levees in 2007, but that job wasn't finished.
    At the very least, DHS should finish the job of installing electric gates where they were supposed to go. (Some say that electric gates create an inconvenience to people trying to gain access to property between the levee and the river. Congress should decide if the inconvenience of a few justifies the inconvenience of millions of Americans.)
    Next, DHS should install the Sonic Barrier on top of all of the levees. (The tops of levees are pretty flat and usually consist of compacted dirt - making the job of installing the Sonic Barrier very easy.)
    This system will detect and count everyone who crosses. If the US Border Patrol can't catch everyone the system detects, at least we will know where the problems are. If necessary, build fencing on top of levees where the problem is most severe.
    Of course this approach would require that the news media report on the work of American Border Patrol - something they have refused to do so far.