How a solution to the border problem is being kept from the people

Glenn Spencer -- July 18, 2014

Nineteen months ago my company, Border Technologywas approached by a DOD contractor (one of the Big Five).  They were interested in our sensor technology.  Their company then held a contest among more than 200 potential 'grass roots' technologies' for in-house funded studies.  Our IDENTISEIS system was one of nineteen winners.  

Their study concluded that our system had great potential. " have something totally unique in the sensor world; it detects and could be used for multiple environments. That is a 'one of a kind' that fits a whole bunch of niches in the security world that right now not being filled", wrote one of the engineers working on the project.  

After the in-house study was finished we experience six months of promises to move forward, including a possible application for pipeline security in the Middle East.  Recently, all communications stopped.  This was after the company had suggested to Customs and Border Protection that our system might be used along the border in Texas.

I have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with this company, so I can't reveal who they are.  I will say this: Any fair-minded person with an engineering background who looked at the detailed history of my communications with this DOD contractor would conclude that the only reason that our technology is not being used today - on our border - or anywhere - is due to political pressure placed on that contractor.