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July 17, 2012

Texas Border Breaks
Please Contact Sen. Sessions
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- July 17, 2014   
       We continue to process the massive amounts of data from our July 14 aerial survey of the border near McAllen, Texas. Today we are providing a montage of aerial photos of breaks in the border fence near McAllen. As we reported earlier, these breaks exist because the Department of Homeland Security has failed to install electric gates.
    The blackout of American Border Patrol by the mainstream media continues, including Fox News (Josh Miller of Fox News contacted us, but has not mentioned a word about our work).
    Last November I laid out the problem in a speech before the GovSec West conference.
    My paper was based on facts gathered during twelve years of studying the border situation - and I live on the border!. It contains an indictment of DHS. There is no doubt that the mainstream media - INCLUDING FOX - refuse to tell the real truth about the border. FOX IS IN ON THE COVER-UP!
    Please contact Sen. Sessions' office and ask him to look at - including this link.