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July 16, 2012

Who Can We Trust?
Fox News and Gov. Perry?
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- July 16, 2014   
       On July 10, Sean Hannity traveled with Texas Gov. Rick Perry to tour by air and water his state's border with Mexico. As they flew along the Rio Grande, Perry commented that building a fence from El Paso to Brownsville was not realistic. Apparently, Hannity didn't notice the long levee beneath them.
    These levees can be used to stop illegal immigration by constructing fencing atop them. Neither Hannity nor Perry mentioned this. Neither did they mention that gates that were built atop the levees that were left open. And, most of the levees were not fenced. [See Open Gate]
    A border investigation by American Border Patrol on July 14 discovered that most of these gates are left open because the automatic gate systems designed to close them were never installed. These electric gates were installed in only a few locations. Leaving most of the gates open for anyone walk or drive through. We learned from a US Border Patrol agent that DHS (see photo) had planned to install the electric gates all along the levee - but it was going to take five years to finish the job.
    Shouldn't Governor Perry have demanded that Barack Obama finish the fence near McAllen immediately? And shouldn't Hannity have seen this problem from the air and reported it to his audience?
We Stick by Our Recommendations of July 1, 2014  
    Secure existing gates through automation. If private land owners do not wish to be inconvenienced, use eminent domain and purchase their land to establish a security zone.
Install additional fencing on selected levees. (We will provide a detailed recommendation by Sept. 1)
The flat levees provide a perfect place to install the Sonic Barrier (AKA IDENTISEIS).
    This system should be installed on all levees that line the Rio Grande River.
    Marry this system to appropriate video systems (drones?)..