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July 14, 2012

Spencer in Texas

Aerial photo seems to show that gates along levees cannot be closed.
Click here to see patrol boat on the Rio Grande
(Vehicles on bridge are northbound)
This photo shows a US Border Patrol vehicles driving on top of a levee
(No fence was built on this levee. Congress should ask DHS why)
Spencer sends another photo of a gate. Can anyone tell
us how this gate can be closed?
If it can't, what is the purpose of the fence?
A review of its aerial photos convinces that failure to complete
the levee-top fencing has left the border vulnerable to illegal immigration
See our original report
More Open Fences
A much closer analysis of aerial photos convinces ABP that these openings in levee-top fences were never intended to be gates. Instead, they were intended to narrow the fence openings to make it a little more difficult to enter the US. Most of these openings are not monitored with cameras or lights - and at only a very few had BP vehicles nearby.
American Border Patrol -- July 14, 2014   
    Glenn Spencer, head of American Border Patrol, is on special assignment in Texas. As you read this he is probably flying along the Rio Grande at 500 feet with photographer Mark Levy (Here is photographer Mark Levy after documenting the situation on the border near McCallen, Texas). . They are gathering documentation to help in the preparation of a Texas Border Security Plan.
    While others talk, ABP takes action!..
American Border Patrol         
Spencer on the Rio Grande River -- Problem Solved  
DHS planning to install closeable gates. It will take 5 years. Photos later......