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July 12, 2012

Ill-Served in Texas
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- July 12, 2014   
     Appearing on Hannity at the Rio Grande River, Texas Governor Rick Perry again called on Barack Obama to use the National Guard and Predator drones to stem the tide of illegal
"The single most important thing he could do is to put the National Guardon the border..."--- Gov. Perry
immigration. There are serious problems with both proposals.
    Recent history has shown that restrictions placed on their deployment renders the National Guard nearly useless - and almost a liability. They cannot patrol, they cannot apprehend, they have no ammunition, they have limited surveillance capability. Having no means of self-defense, they must be protected by the US Border Patrol.
    Less than a month ago a US Customs and Border Protection Predator crashed in New Mexico, raising questions about its cost-effectiveness.
    This followed the loss of a Predator off the California coast in January, causing pilots to question whether such drones can be operated safely in the US air traffic system.
    We raised the drone issue three years ago when Perry was pushing for use of the Predator.
    It is surprising that the governor of Texas would not be made aware of these serious problems before making such recommendations. He was ill-served.
    American Border Patrol is in the process of developing a realistic approach to border security along the Rio Grande.
    We will pass our recommendations on to Governor Perry.....