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July 9, 2012

Perry suggests feds 'in on' border crisis
Houston Chronicle -- July 7, 2014   
    Austin -- Federal officials are "absolutely failing" at stopping the torrent of undocumented immigrants crossing the Texas border, Gov. Rick Perry said Sunday, insisting that more could be done by the Obama Administration.
    On ABC News' "This Week," Perry also sounded a conspiratorial tone in the interview with host Martha Raddatz.
    "The federal government is just absolutely failing. We either have an incredibly inept administration, or they're in on this somehow or another. I mean, I hate to be conspiratorial, but I mean, how do you move that many people from Central America across Mexico and then into the United States without there being a fairly coordinated effort?" Perry said.
    The comments marked Perry's latest verbal salvo against federal officials over the immigration crisis, which has seen thousands of women and unaccompanied minors crossing into Texas from Mexico, most of them from Central American countries. Perry has called for more federal enforcement to secure the border, and has complained that Texas is spending millions to provide border security that is the responsibility of federal officials.

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