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July 2, 2012

Texas Border Solution: Levees

Fencing being placed atop a levee in Texas
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- July 2, 2014   
     The Rio Grande Flood Control System is made up of 508 miles of levees that parallel the river.
    Under the Secure Fence Act of 2006, many of these levees were enhanced to block migration north. (Note: The Texas maps are being updated)
    American Border Patrol is studying these levees to see what role they could play in securing the Texas/Mexico border.
    This includes performing an aerial survey of June 24/25 using GoPro Hero 3 cameras. Additional aerial surveys are planned for July to include a professional still photographer for close ups.
    (Note: Due to the time required to process GoPro video for YouTube, release of the first phase has been set for July 4th)
    Based on a preliminary results, we recommend the following:
    Secure existing gates through automation. If private land owners do not wish to be inconvenienced, use eminent domain and purchase their land to establish a security zone.
    Install additional fencing on selected levees. (We will provide a detailed recommendation by Sept. 1)
    The flat levees provide a perfect place to install the Sonic Barrier (AKA IDENTISEIS). This system should be installed on all levees that line the Rio Grande River. Marry this system to appropriate video systems (drones?)
    Use this system to respond to breaches - and to determine where additional physical barriers are needed.
    We would be happy to help Congress draft legislation to do these things.