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July 1, 2012

Texas AG: If We Can Land People On
The Moon, We Can Achieve Border Security

Screen grab from an 80-mile video survey of the US/Mexico border near McAllen
CBS-TV -- Houston -- June 30, 2014   
     Dallas (AP) -- Texas Democrats say the solution for dealing with the thousands of immigrant children pouring into the country is a softer, more measured policy response, while state Republicans emphasize clamping down on the U.S.-Mexico border first and tackling everything else later. [...]
    Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial nominee Greg Abbott said a surge in youngsters arriving at the border was just the latest facet of a more complex problem.
    “The challenges that we’re dealing with today long predated the current crisis of the last few months and these challenges are not going to away unless and until the border is secure,” Abbott said in a phone interview Sunday. “Most people in the country agree that the first step is to secure the border before anything else can be talked about.”
    Asked what a secure border might look like, Abbott said Sunday he didn't have a ready-made definition, but that achieving one was possible.
    “If we can land people on the moon, if we can create iPhones and iPads,” he said, “I think we can measure meaningful border security."

ABP COMMENT: We can measure border security --- ABP has found a way to do it. Last week we videotaped the border near McAllen - from the air. Tomorrow we will show how to measure border security along the Rio Grande - and how it can be achieved.