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June 29, 2012

ABP Offers Solutions
Border Problems are Solvable

Identicam - ABP's new low-cost remote border camera
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- June 29, 2014   
    America's southern border can be secured. The problem is that the people who run our government refuse to do the job as demanded by Congress.
    If you don't believe me, please watch my GovSec West presentation. If you do, you will understand that I am absolutely right.
    This is true in Texas as well. I just flew along 80 miles of border near McAllen. The solution? Use flood levees by putting fences on top. This has been done to a certain extent, but the job has to be finished, including adding the Sonic Barrier.
    The big problem is - knowing where the problem is - and getting the truth to the people. This will put heat on the politicians.
    For the past four years American Border Patrol has been testing what we call the Sonic Barrier.
    In reality it is called IDENTISEIS - developed by Border Technology, Inc. This is a low-cost system that can reliably count and identify everyone who crosses the border. Once this is made public, the problem will be solved - believe me - they couldn't stand the heat.
    Thanks to generous donations, ABP is now installing the Sonic Barrier on a critical drug smuggling spot on the Arizona/Mexico border. Our new IdentiCam allows us to focus in on anything that triggers an alarm - and we can watch it from anywhere over the Internet. The system also works with BTI's IDENTICOPTER -- a small electric drone.
    We are working with Border Technology to continue to expand the Sonic Barrier all along the border. It is going to happen.
    It will happen faster with your support.
    Click here to donate to the Sonic Barrier effort.