Past Features

June 26, 2012

ABP Border Survey Big Success

American Border Patrol-- June 26, 2014   
    A three-day aerial survey of the Texas/Mexico border near where thousands of illegal minors are crossing was a big success. Flying a Cessna TU-206 equipped with two external GoPro Hero cameras, Glenn Spencer, head of ABP, was able to capture close-up high definition video of eighty miles of the border region, including the Rio Grande River.
    "It is going to take some time to pore through the video, however, I think I can say with confidence that we have the basic information necessary to understand why the border is easily breached in this area, and how the problem can be solved," Spencer said. According to Spencer, one obvious solution is to exploit the levees that were built to protect property from Rio Grande floods. "We have a different kind of flood today, and, with some modifications, those levees can stop the human flood as well."  
    This image was taken from the GoPro Hero video on ABP's Cessna. Video of this resolution was taken for 80 miles of the river. It will take some time to look through the files for unusual activity, such as people close to the river.