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June 25, 2012

Politics of border security
hamper immigration overhaul

So-Called Border Fence
USA Today-- June 24, 2014   
    ....In the past decade, the U.S. government has done the following:
    • Spent more than $126 billion on border security and enforcement.
    • Built more than 660 miles of fencing, installed thousands of ground sensors, built surveillance towers and acquired scores of mobile surveillance systems, drones, planes and other technology.
    • More than doubled the number of Border Patrol agents to more than 21,000. Customs and Border Protection also employs more than 21,000 officers who work at the ports of entry.
    The results have been dramatic in some places.
    South of San Diego, which in the mid-1990s was the busiest crossing spot for migrants, a single strand of cable then marked some parts of the border. By 2005, 14 miles of fencing had gone up in double or even triple layers with a 150-foot, floodlit no-man's-land in between.
    Apprehensions fell by 95%. Migrants turned east, to Yuma, Ariz.
    A decade ago south of Yuma, hundreds of migrants would mass at one time to charge across the border in what agents called "banzai runs." Now layers of thick steel fencing and an overwhelming Border Patrol presence reduced migration through there to a trickle, too.   

ABP Comment: Completely misleading. Of the 660 miles of "fencing" - most was useless vehicle barriers. The DHS IG says the ground sensors have a 90% false alarm rate, and so on. -- If you want the truth about the border, watch Glenn Spencer's GovSec West presentation. -- If you are too lazy to do this, you will probably be wrong when you express an opinion about how to solve the border problem.