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June 23, 2012

Here We Go Again?
Fox News Sunday -- June 22, 2014   
Exchange between Chris Wallace and the new Majority Leader of the House of Rep., Kevin McCarthy:
MCCARTHY: I don't believe there should be citizenship. I believe in the rule of law. I believe there's an opportunity. But if you don't secure the borders, there's nothing.
    Until we secure the borders, because the borders are not secure, we're not enforcing the laws. And I think that's a reasonable position. Until that's secure, you can't have an immigration debate.
WALLACE: So, are you saying no comprehensive immigration reform that would include border security but also a path to legalization.
MCCARTHY: Until the borders are secure, I think that's reasonable.
WALLACE: That must come first?
MCCARTHY: That must come first.   

Comment, Glenn Spencer: In 2006, American Border Patrol launched Operation BEEF (Border Enforcement Evaluation First), -- We said: "There is mounting evidence that the Department of Homeland Security is not being forthright in its reporting of progress at the border." -- We proved that that the DHS was lying about the border and Congress was playing games with the law. -- Seven years later we proved that DHS openly refuses to accept the legal definition of border security - in defiance of Congress. -- With the Majority Leader saying that border security must come first - before any discussion of immigration reform - it seems that everyone in power in the Republican Party agrees that the border must be secured. Do I believe that they will take on the job seriously? No. -- We will now be treated to a convoluted definition of what border security and a DHS - dependent means of assessing it. -- Either that, or it will take so long to do the job that millions more will cross over - making the issue of enforcement moot. -- The people in power have no intention of truly securing the border. -- Here we go again.