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June 17, 2012

The Education of Candice Miller
Or, how the mainstream media keep the truth from DC

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- June 17, 2014   
    Rep. Candice Miller chairs the Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security.
    Chairman Miller has done an excellent job of seeking a way of measuring border security (also see this feature).
    It came as a surprise to me when she suggested that Barack Obama send the National Guard to the border to relieve US Border Patrol agents. who have been overwhelmed by the surge of illegal aliens across the Rio Grande River in Texas.
    American Border Patrol has been watching the deployment of the National Guard for years. As we have reported, restrictions placed on their use makes them almost totally useless.
    As the GAO reported:  
   According to DOD officials, due to a shooting incident in 1997 in Redford, Texas, the SECDEF determined that military personnel will not conduct mobile patrols (e.g., they must remain stationary) and cannot carry loaded weapons. [...]
    Force protection is provided for active duty military services in Title 10 status by Border Patrol because these forces do not carry loaded weapons at the border.
    To make the National Guard totally useless, Obama required them to park a white SUV next to their tents - and gave them no surveillance equipment.  
   With all of these facts available from ABP, why would Chairman Miller suggest that Obama deploy the National Guard? Simple, ABP has been blacked out by the mainstream media, and she was clueless.