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June 14, 2012

GOP Smackdown: Rep. Labrador Enters
The Race For House Majority Leadership

Fox News Latino -- June 13, 2014   
In one of the highest-profile showdowns between establishment Republicans and Tea Party conservatives so far this year, Rep. Raul Labrador said Friday that he is challenging Rep. Kevin McCarthy for the House majority leader position that became open this week.
    Labrador, of Idaho, would be the Tea Party alternative to McCarthy, who is the whip and is favored by establishment Republicans. Only in Congress since 2010, Labrador would represent several firsts: the first Latino, first Mormon and first Idaho lawmaker to be House majority leader.
    Labrador's foray into the race for majority leader is yet another dramatic turn of events for Republicans, who were stunned by the defeat in Tuesday's primary in Virginia of Rep. Eric Cantor to a Tea Party candidate who cast the congressman as someone who embraces the status quo of Beltway GOP politics and did not truly represent his constituents.....
ABP Comment: Another Guilt Trip?
Check it out.
    He says:
    "Our top priority for immigration reform should be securing our nation’s borders and enforcing the immigration laws that are already on the books. To do that, we must give our federal immigration enforcement officials the resources they need to enforce the laws we already have."
    He has to know that DHS isn't interested in enforcing immigration laws - no matter how many resources they are given. They have to be forced to enforce the law.
    Are we being snookered again? Are we once again on a dead-end guilt trip?