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June 12, 2012

Obama's Manufactured Crisis at the Border

Michael Cutler -- Front Page Magazine -- June 11, 2014   
     On March 20, 2013, I testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the topic of "Building an Immigration System Worthy of American Values." I concluded my prepared testimony for that hearing by saying,
    Law enforcement is at its best when it creates a climate of deterrence to convince those who might be contemplating violating the law that such an effort is likely to be discovered and that if discovered, adverse consequences will result for the law violators. Current policies and statements by the administration, in my view, encourages aspiring illegal aliens around the world to head for the United States. In effect the starter's pistol has been fired and for these folks, the finish line to this race is the border of the United States.
    Back when I was an INS special agent I recall that Doris Meissner who was, at the time, the commissioner of the INS, said that the agency needed to be "customer oriented." Unfortunately, while I agree about the need to be customer oriented what Ms. Meissner and too many politicians today seem to have forgotten is that the "customers" of the INS and of our government in general, are the citizens of the United States of America.

ABP COMMENT: Americans have no idea just how deep the infiltration of our government by leftists like Doris Meissner really is. It is going to take a Herculean effort to root them out. The defeat of Cantor is just the first step in a long and rough journey ahead.