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June 10, 2012

Obama is causing an invasion of America
Grounds for Impeachment?

Megyn Kelly -- Fox News -- June 9, 2014   
A look at the major crisis at the southern border
 Judge Andrew Napolitano: "The President of the United States caused this when he said to illegal immigrants, if you do the following things - and he ticket off thirteen different things - I will not let the government deport you. He made up those thirteen events that they could do to avoid deportation. When he sent that signal to presently residing in the United States of America - illegal immigrants - he also sent the signal to people in South and Central America -- send your children here and they won't get deported. And then you will have an excuse to come here and be with your children - and you won't get deported.
    Megyn, the president has taken an oath to uphold the law. He has some leeway in enforcing the law, but when what the does, prevents the law from being enforced - when he does the opposite of what the law says, he's not doing his duty.
    Megyn Kelly: They say that in 2012, President Obama issued this directive called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals [DACA]. It allowed illegal immigrant children who come to America - defer their deportation. But that only applied to children who were here as of 2007. Apparently, these children didn't read the law, judge...    

ABP COMMENT: We warned about this problem two years ago - right after Obama started DACA. We have been on it ever since.