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June 3, 2012

Arizona governor criticizes
migrants' transfer from Texas
Associated Press -- June 2, 2014   
    Tucson -- Calling it dangerous and unconscionable, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Monday sent a letter to President Barack Obama criticizing reports that immigration officials sent migrant families from Texas to Arizona, later dropping them off at Greyhound stations in Phoenix and Tucson.
    “As governor of Arizona, I am deeply concerned about this troubling policy and the adverse impact on the illegal aliens, as well as to Arizona,” she wrote.
    Brewer was also alarmed that federal officials did not notify state and local law enforcement.
    “Our nation and the state of Arizona face significant challenges stemming from your administration’s refusal to carry out its responsibility to secure our country’s southern border. State and local governments, law enforcement agencies, health care providers and nonprofit organizations are all stretched to the breaking point attempting to manage the enormity of these challenges,” Brewer said, adding that sending migrants to Arizona exacerbates the problem.
    However, border crossing apprehensions in Arizona have significantly dropped over the last year as they’ve spiked in Texas.....