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May 31, 2012

Behind the Border Scene
The Emerging Story of the Sonic Barrier
Mike King of Border Technology, Inc. demonstrates IDENTISEIS® (AKA the Sonic Barrier) to U.S. Border Patrol
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- May 31, 2014   
    For the past eighteen months a major Department of Defense contractor has been studying the potential of a border security system we have been calling the Sonic Barrier.
    Because of a legal agreement, I can't go into detail except to say that, after an extensive evaluation, this contractor has concluded that the "Sonic Barrier" may be the best border and perimeter security system ever devised.
    One of the driving forces behind the invention of the Sonic Barrier was to develop a means of border accountability, i.e., it can count all border crossers.
    Our government is well aware of the effectiveness of this technology and has seen a demonstration of exactly how it works, but has declined to support it.
    Now, Border Technology, the inventor of the Sonic Barrier, has been asked to come to a Middle Eastern nation to demonstrate the system. It has agreed to do this, and the demonstration will happen soon.
    I learned from a third party that the DOD contractor mentioned above has actually suggested that our Department of Homeland Security consider using a new technology - they called it a Seismic Linear Sensor System (SLS), but they were talking about the Sonic Barrier. From what I have been told, DHS/CBP did not follow up on the idea.
    The Sonic Barrier was first demonstrated to Arizona elected officials in 2010.
    After more than three years of development and testing the Sonic Barrier is ready to secure our border, but it appears that the first use may be in the Middle East.
    When the true story about the Sonic Barrier finally emerges, the public will be stunned...